Our Commercial Property Management Services

When you own a business, time is money. There are always products to deliver, deadlines to meet, and employees to pay. You cannot be spending time trying to find the ideal property to meet your unique needs. You want a property management company that will find the right place fast, and handle all the paperwork with you to ensure a seamless experience. You want the commercial property management service of Inland!

Here at Inland Property Management, we always keep a full portfolio of the best business locations for companies who want to establish themselves in the Western Provinces:

  • Commercial condominiums
  • Factory space
  • Undeveloped land
  • Office space
  • Large scale shopping centers
  • And more…

Comprehensive Commercial Services

For any of the commercial properties we showcase, we take the reins on all the paperwork and government requirements that come with them. From walking you through the payment system and making a written record of it, to preparing government registrations and returns, Inland Property Management can make the commercial property management process simple, fast, efficient, and easy for you.

Our company also handles affairs relating to the day to day operations of the commercial property as well! Our staff members deal with financial matters, including collecting condominium fees and preparing budgets. We answer any and all questions from owners, draft newsletters, conduct Board business, prepare estoppel certificates for owners selling or refinancing, and even work with contractors on matters of renovations and insurance. Inland Property Management offers true, comprehensive commercial services for as long as we work with you!

For more information concerning our commercial property management capabilities, or to schedule a personalized meeting with us, please email our office at info@inlandpropertymanagement.ca.